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Top Global Brands in Armenia


In my previous post, I introduced the IT sector in Armenia and how it has developed and evolved. Today, I will speak about some Armenian startups that very quickly became world popular. In addition, I will share some info about international IT giants, who have offices in Armenia. And in the next article, I will reveal why and how a small country like Armenia is becoming popular among such huge countries the USA, Australia, Canada and others. 


World Famous IT Companies of Armenian Origin



After the 2000s, the world witnessed a booming growth of the number of successful IT companies in Armenia. For example, PicsArt became very popular as a mobile photo-editing application. It was recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s “Hottest Startups of 2015”.
Armenian Triada Studio created a puzzle app Shadowmatic, which won the prestigious Apple Design Award, as well as App Store Best of 2015.
Another successful startup is SoloLearn, a mobile learning platform that offers free programming classes in thirteen disciplines.
A very prominent Armenian initiative is Volterman- the world’s most powerful smart wallet with unique functionality.
BetConstruct is a well known and highly successful international company founded by Armenians. The company has sales, development and service centers in more than 15 countries, where it provides award-winning software for gaming businesses.


International Giants in Armenia



The high potential of Armenia’s IT industry drew the attention of a huge number of investors and professionals. Such well-known brands as Microsoft Corporation, Alcatel, Siemens AG and Sun Microsystems Inc. opened representative offices in Armenia. Since 1999 one of the best IT companies- Synergy, has established a branch office and Global Learning Center in Yerevan, with over 200 full-time employees. Armenia’s expertise in chip design attracted Synopsys Inc., a global leader in EDA and VLSI design. Following the success of Synopsys and Virage Logic, Mentor Graphics Inc. established a presence in Yerevan in May 2008. In early 2000s, more foreign businesses launched development locations due to highly qualified labor force and competitive costs: Ericsson (networking and telecommunications company), CQG (analytics software and trading solutions), CISCO (leading provider of memory intellectual property (IP) licenses), EPAM Systems (offshore software development), and others.