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Let's check out our list of the most interesting fun facts from the IT industry that you might not know.


1. Guess the animal on Firefox Logo



No, it is not a fox!tongue-out

It's a red panda- an animal native to the Himalayas and southwestern China. The English translation for red panda is Firefox. So, guess what? This is where the famous browser got its name, and the logo actually represents a red panda. 


2. Email vs. the World Wide Web (WWW): Which One is Older?


It can be a surprise to learn that Email is older than the World Wide Web (WWW) by as much as two decades. The first email sent between different computers was in 1970-s, while the web was invented in 1990. Before that, people used a computer and a rotary telephone to connect to Micronet. Before the Internet and URLs, there were just numbered pages in this system, and the page number for emails was 7776. It’s known that the first email between computers was sent by Programmer Charley Kline in 1969, and only the first two letters had managed to pass on when the system crashed. Nowadays, more than 83 billion emails are sent every day all over the world.

3. Computer Eye Syndrome


On average, people blink about 20 times per minute, but the statistics changes dramatically when we are using a computer blinking 66% less (about 7 times per minute) than those who aren’t. As a result, when we do not blink enough, we get a computer eye or a dry eye syndrome. This happens because we are concentration on the screen and do not want to close our eyes often. Today, there is even an application created to recover the habit of rare blinking.


4. How many kilograms were the first gigabyte & the first computer?



What do you think, is 1 GB a lot for you? Actually it is. If we transfer 1 GB in computer memory into a stack of documents, it would be as high as an average 2 storey house. In fact, the first 1 GB hard drive was created in 1980 with an impressive price of $40.000 and a huge weight of about 250 kg (550pounds). Today, an average computer has 100 GB memory. As for the first computer ENIAC, it was 167 square meters (1800 square feet) and had a weight of more than 27 tons.

5. Radio vs. TV vs. the Internet vs. iPod


Statistics have shown that it took almost four decades- 38 years for the radio to engage 50 million audiences. The television managed to achieve the same result 13 years, while the internet was quite more attractive, it took just 5 years to get 50 million users. Still, this is not the best result, as iPod did the same job in just 3 years.

6. Why QWERTY, not ABCDE?


As a child, probably most of us wondered why the letters on the keyboard are not placed in alphabetic order. For quite a long time this logical question had 1 answer: QWERTY was created to slow down the typing process, as the faster people typed, the more the mechanical typewriters would jam. The story tells that common letters were put far from each other to solve this problem. However, recently this popular theory was rejected and The Smithsonian declared that QWERTY was actually created for telegraph operators to translate Morse code more efficiently.
Nowadays, specialists reconsider the popular keyboard’s utility. Quite recently, a new KALQ keyboard was introduced for mobile devices, which allows to type only with the thumbs.


7. How to become a millionaire?


Do you know which famous companies started their journey at a garage? A lot of now-giant companies did! World famous Microsoft was once created in a small Albuquerque garage by Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen. Few people can believe that the insanely popular Apple was initiated by 3 young friends in 1976 in the garage of Steve Jobs' parents' house. Who else? Google- the most popular search engine was developed in a rented garage in 1998. Even Walt and Roy Disney created their first films in their uncle's garage in 1923. Hewlett Packard (HP) was started at a garage by two friends, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, in Packard's garage in 1939 with an initial investment of only $538.
Thus, if you have the same passion and enthusiasm as these people, all you need to become the founder of another giant company is to rent a small garage.